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About Us

Mochinosha was founded in 2012 by Canadian artist Daniel Wishes and Japanese artist Seri Yanai. The two met while studying puppetry together at the London School of Puppetry in the UK. Elliott Loran joined the company in 2016.

Mochinosha creates and performs with shadow puppetry, marionettes, rod puppets and glove puppets. They have created over a dozen shows for both adults and children and performed across Canada, Japan and the UK.

Past works and awards

Selected plays by Mochinosha include: My Grandfather’s Dresser (2013), The Devil’s Circus(2014), Oni (2014), Debris, (2015). Hitodama (2015), Space Hippo (2016) and Gourmet Cat (2017)

Their 2015 show “Debris” won the award for best new puppetry in Japan from the Aichi Puppetry Centre. It also won a trophy in the Suginami Theatre Festival.

Their 2016 show “Space Hippo” won four awards at the Victoria Fringe Festival in Canada including Best overall show, best visual theatre, best design, and best under represented artist.


Tokyo, Japan
Winnipeg, Canada

Phone: +81-90-6176-7542
Fax: +81-285-44-5828

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